Pretty Little Liars Season 6: All Questions Will Be Answered, Alison’s Past is Coming Your Way!

The biggest question of Pretty Little Liars has been finally answered. Fans now know the answer to who is A? However, like always Pretty Little Liars answered one question, but posted a billion more for the fans to think and ponder upon.

It was the finale of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 that revealed A’s identity, but that raised even more daunting questions in the minds of the viewers. We are finally a week away from the premier of Pretty Little Liars Season 6. Marlene I. King has assured that Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars will be the season that will answer all the unanswered questions that lie in the minds of the viewers.

The first episode of the upcoming Pretty Little Liars Season 6 is named “Game on, Charles”. The teaser for the same has been released. It is shown that while Alison is reading her statement to the reports Aria, Hanna, Emily, Mona and Spencer are inspecting the shady doll house of Charles.

Alison was seen to read out a statement that talked about a nameless, faceless, coward who went ahead to kidnap her friends. It also said that it was the same person who had attacked Mona and ended up framing them for the murder. She further said that they now know that Mona is alive, but it hints at great danger for her and her friends.

The teaser was close to two minutes long and also portrayed that the police has zeroed down to Andrew Campbell as the suspect in the case of the Liars getting abducted. The teaser also saw a reporter reporting that the police has requested viewers to report any information that they have regarding Andrew. Campbell is said to be the prime suspect in the abduction of the Liars and is believed to be dangerous.

People Magazine had the opportunity to talk to Sasha Pieterse where they discussed the role of Alison and whether or not the upcoming season will see her in a new form. Pieterse went on to say that the viewers will learn Alison’s back story, which will explain why she had lied to her friends initially. She did say that Alison will be seen in a completely new form in the upcoming season.