Austin Mahone Works On Put It On Me With Sage Gemini, Gears Up For Europe Tour, Shares Easter Photo With Katya Henry!

Austin Mahone fans weren’t very open to the idea that he has moved on from Becky G and is now in the arms of Katya Henry. They were shocked when they first saw the photo of the two enjoying Disneyland.

Fans had known that Becky G and Austin Mahone have broken up, but since they would occasionally flirt on the social media there were some who hoped that a reconciliation is on the cards.

This clearly didn’t happen. Becky G has come out to state that she and Austin Mahone hadn’t broken up. They were on a break to focus on their respective careers when she suddenly realized that Austin Mahone has moved on to the arms of another girl.

This comment by Becky G had enraged the fans of both Austin Mahone and Becky G since they loved the couple and had really thought that they would last. Even if they didn’t work out, they couldn’t imagine that Austin Mahone would actually cheat on her.

With Katya Henry now appearing on Austin Mahone’s videos, fans are reminded of the time when Becky G and Austin Mahone were working together on an album and had fallen in love. Austin Mahone has clearly moved on from those days since he had asked Becky G to be happy that it happened rather than being sad that it didn’t work out.

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