Austin Mahone Works On Put It On Me With Sage Gemini, Gears Up For Europe Tour, Shares Easter Photo With Katya Henry!

Austin Mahone is focusing on his career and is working hard to come out with the next album. He hadn’t been open about the upcoming album and hence gave fans a homemade compilation of some of his best songs with his This Is Not An Album. It’s almost like a gift to the fans and they are very happy for the effort Austin Mahone has put in to give them something while he works on his upcoming album.

Fans will be happy to know that Austin Mahone has started working on his next album. He has already released a new track called Put It On Me. This is going to be the first track from the album.

Put It On Me had first been released some months ago and it was a very crude one without any finesse. The song was made in collaboration with Sage Gemini, but he wasn’t even in the video.

Fans realized that Put It On Me is a great track and all Mahone will have to do is work on it and polish it for a better appeal. Republic Records, that worked with Austin Mahone for the album realized that and got together Austin Mahone and Sage Gemini and worked out the track to come out with the latest version of it.

The song features Austin Mahone’s girlfriend Katya Henry. Directed by Gil Green, the video was shot in Green’s Miami penthouse and has been shot in monochrome.

The song shows Austin Mahone getting groovy with his girl, who looks stunning in it. There might be fans who will not be happy with Austin Mahone getting Katya Henry in for the album, but there is no denying that the two look good together.

The song was released last Thursday and is available exclusively on Apple Music. The song also stars Sage Gemini and he brings with him the right dose of R&B.

The fans also get to see Austin Mahone and Sage Gemini dancing together for the track. While Put It On Me is going to be a part of the mixtape that Austin Mahone is gifting his fans, it is also the first track from his upcoming album.

Austin Mahone is also heading out for a tour. The tour will see him promoting tracks that are most likely to be a part of his upcoming album and fans feel that Put It On Me is going to be the track for the summer.

Mahone’s European tour will make sure that the track is right on the minds of the fans. Austin Mahone starts his European tour in April and fans can avail the tickets and the schedule online.

While his musical career is doing well. Austin Mahone is also very happy when it comes to his personal life. He has recently shared a new photo with his girlfriend Katya Henry.

The fitness trainer and Mahone started dating early this month and Mahone had been very active on the social media where he has constantly shared photos with her.

According to Just Jared, the new photo shows Austin Mahone and Katya Henry cuddling up on what looks like a park bench. Katya Henry is wearing a white dress while Austin Mahone wears his trademark cap with a ripped pair of jeans and a black t-shirt.

Shared on the occasion of Easter, Austin Mahone greeted his fans for the occasion with the photo and also made it very clear that the two were spending the festival together.