AT&T 5G: To Begin 5G Trials in The Current Year, Promises Speeds in Gigabytes/second!

The various tests that AT&T is to conduct will reveal how exactly natural phenomenon like rain, storm, lightning, etc. are handled by the equipment that is going to be used for the 5G network.

The company revealed that it would abstain from using outdated hardware for this technology. Apparently, network function virtualizations and software-defined networking will play a major role in the methods that will be used by AT&T to deliver data.

The company will reportedly use a model in which the routers, firewalls and various other network equipment will be transformed into virtual functions that will run on commodity hardware.

The high-frequency waves that are to be used by the company for the 5G network will ensure that data travels at lightning speeds. However, it also has a shortcoming. These high-frequency waves do not possess the capability to travel longer distances.

Moreover, these waves are so delicate in nature that they are more prone to interference which might affect the whole network. The trial runs will reveal whether usage of these high-frequency waves is a logical option or not.

Stay tuned for more update on AT&T 5G.