Arzaylea: Luke Hemmings Opens Up About Her, Two of Them Went to A Petting Zoo On a Date, And More

Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea recently went on a date to a petting zoo and they shared some adorable photos of the animals there. Luke Hemmings shared a photo of himself standing with a giraffe who goes by the name of Stanley. In another photo that Arzaylea had shared, she is posing with a horse and she mentions that she is there with the animal and her boyfriend.

Korean Portal has reported that Arzaylea and Luke Hemming were not alone and they had been joined by other members of 5 Seconds of Summer including Calum Hood and new girlfriend Nia Lovelis, Michael Clifford and girlfriend Crystal Leigh. The band members seem to have broken their no-girlfriend pact since all of them are more or less dating.

5 Seconds of Summer is going away on a two-monthtour in Japan and will then head to UK, USA, Canada and finally Australia. It looks like Arzaylea will have to stay away from boyfriend Luke Hemmings for a very long time unless she decides to accompany him on the hour. She has already confessed to be a rich brat and doesn’t work since she has a trust fund to fall back on.

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