Arzaylea: Luke Hemmings Opens Up About Her, Two of Them Went to A Petting Zoo On a Date, And More

Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings are going very strong after the two came clean about their relationship. Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea, who goes by that name on social media, had met at a very boring party and the two got along very well.

Luke Hemmings was very pleased to hear about her favorite bands and music taste and the two of them have been going strong since then.

It had always been Arzaylea who had been active on the social media and she has received a lot of scorn for doing the same. Initially there were fans who thought that she was just a fan of Luke Hemmings who was close to him.

However, Arzaylea started being spotted with Luke Hemmings and the rumor mills started rolling about her being in a relationship with the 5 Seconds of Summer front man.

Arzaylea is from Texas and she is an insider it the music industry because her father has been a part of it for a long time. Arzaylea had first met Luke Hemming while 5 Seconds of Summer was touring USA last year. Arzaylea had tagged along with the band for the rest of the tour and she even became good friends with Ashton Irwin’s ex-girlfriend, Bryana Holly.

During the end of last year there were rumors suggesting that Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings have broken up since she had cheated on him. She had shared a Snapchat with another man and since Luke was spotted dining out with Hailey Baldwin, it was assumed that the two have gone their separate ways.

Luke Hemmings had never been open about his relationship status and had skirted all the questions about his relationship with Arzaylea. However, when he saw the kind of reaction that Arzaylea had been receiving from the fans, he decided to go ahead and come clean with it to stand up in her defense.

There were fans who had blatantly called Arzaylea a liar and had said that she would falsely claim to be in a relationship with Luke Hemmings, since it was Arzaylea who would only post about the musician and he would simply refuse to make any comments on the matter.

Arzaylea has often gotten into verbal war with many of the fans. She isn’t someone who can keep her cool when cornered and this had caused many of the fans unfollowing 5 Seconds of Summer on social media.

Situations deteriorated when Arzaylea shared some intimate photos on the social media that irked the fans of the 5 Seconds of Summer front-man. They felt that Arzaylea was rubbing it in their face that she was in a relationship with Luke Hemmings. Luke Hemmings finally decided to stand up for his girl and he opened up about her at the Rolling Stone magazine interview.

Luke Hemmings took Arzaylea for the interview and was holding her hand all throughout the interview. He went on to say that he has grown a lot ever since coming into the music industry.

There was a time when he would shy from discussing about his personal life, but now he sees no harm in doing that.

Soon after Luke Hemmings came out in the open about his relationship with Arzaylea, she took to Instagram to apologize to all the fans of 5 Seconds of Summer who she had offended. She said that she had no intentions of doing that and never wanted to break up the fandom or create a rift in it. While a few of the fans readily forgave her, many of them weren’t so forthcoming.