Fallout 4: Patch 1.3 Released, Brings A Host of Bugs and Error Fixes, Improves Draw Distance and Graphics of Game!

Bethesda recently released update 1.3 for Fallout 4 which bought a number of bugs and error fixes to the game on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The update also brings about significant improvement to the game’s graphics on PS4 and Xbox One. For the console versions of the game, the latest patch comes with a size of 500mb.

A renowned website reports that once applied, the patch enhances the visual effects of the game on both PS4 and Xbox One. The draw distance settings for geometry and foliage are significantly improved by the update.

Fans might be wondering whether the patch might affect the performance of the game in trying to bring improvements to the graphics department. Various reports suggest that fans need not worry as the patch does not have any kind of effect on the performance of the game.

However, a minor drop in frame rate is noted in the PS4 version of the game in an area called the Diamond City in the game. The drop rate is not at all significant and thus, it should not be a reason to worry for the fans. The Xbox One version of the game does not suffer any such drop in frame rate in the Diamond City area.

The latest patch addresses an issue with the canine companion of the game- Dogmeat. Fans had previously found a glitch with Dogmeat that allowed them to duplicate various items. This glitch was exploited to a large extent by fans till it was fixed with the recent update.

While the previous glitch has been addressed by the patch, a YouTuber by the name of Hey I’m Starlord  recently released a video which showed a method to bypass the effects of the latest patch and continue exploiting the Dogmeat duplication glitch.

In the video released by him, he talks about the new cheat which can bypass the effects of the 1.3 patch. To duplicate an item a player has to perform the following steps-

  • First he will have to drop an item on the floor.
  • In the second step the player has to command Dogmeat to pick up the item.
  • As soon as Dogmeat bends down to pick it up, the player has to start hitting the “Take” button as fast as possible. The “Take” button is the A button on the PS4 console and the X button on the Xbox One console.
  • If the player successfully follows the steps he should be able to duplicate the item. The duplicated item can be found on the ground while the original item returns to the inventory of the player.

However, it should be noted that the YouTuber has warned that he is still working on the glitch and the method is yet to reach the stage of perfection. Which means that there is a chance that the cheat might not always work as it is intended to.

The Dogmeat duplication glitch is quite handy for players as it allows them to accumulate large numbers of various items which are useful for playing the game. This cheat could be applied on the You’re SPECIAL book to max out the SPECIAL attributes, which will definitely be of major help while playing the game.

The 1.3 patch also brings forth improvements in the Workshop mode of the game. Another major change brought about by the new patch is the increased amount of blood and flesh flying off when a Vault 81 resident is shot at.

A status menu for settlers in settlements is added to the game through the patch. Also, after installation of the patch, players will be able to rotate objects by holding down the left or right triggers and pressing down on the left thumbstick.