Arrow Season 4: Felicity Set in Danger, Oliver Meets His Son, And More

Oliver, however, ends up meeting his son in the crossover episode of Arrow Season 2 and although Samantha lies to him about the true identity of the boy, Oliver makes Barry aka Flash do some forensic test to ascertain the father’s identity of the little boy.

Samantha requests Oliver not to inform anyone the true identity of the boy since she doesn’t want the boy to get caught up in the dangerous world of Arrow, but Felicity finds the report of the test that Barry had carried out and confronts Oliver.

She is furious that Oliver couldn’t trust her something this small and Barry ends up seeing the two of them breaking up.

On the other side, Flash and Arrow’s plan of defeating the Vandal Savage and keeping Hawkman and Kendra safe doesn’t work since Flash doesn’t manage to get his staff away right on time and Kendra isn’t able to lease out her powers.

However, at the end of the episode, clocks reset and Arrow and Flash have a second chance at fighting Vandal Savage and they kill him for now.

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