Apple Watch: Overhead Cost $120, Cops Fine Drivers Using It, And More

Reserve Strap claims that their watch strap is the only strap that chargers the Apple Watch while the user is wearing it. They claim that they are using the hidden port to charge the device while someone is wearing the watch.

This is not all, the company has recently in a video of YouTube have also shown the faster-charging capabilities of this new strap that they have brought. They took two Apple Watches which were completely charge less. They charged one of them with the Reserve Strap while the other one in the prescribed manner.

The video shows that while the prescribed method has charged the watch to 90% the reserve strap charges it till 95%. The difference is not much significant but well for people who are on the rush this can become quite a handy device.

With the company claiming that the device will be charged while you are using it, it certainly becomes one of the must have things with people who are on the move. It is yet to be seen how Apple reacts to this development.