Apple Watch: Overhead Cost $120, Cops Fine Drivers Using It, And More

The apple watch is making headlines but surprisingly not for being a new model from Apple or for any updates coming our way. For a man driving his car in Quebec, the watch got him an overhead expense of $120.

Jeffery Macesin from Pincourt has reported on CTV news that he was fined $120 by a police for using the Apple Watch. The incident is rather funny.

The man was driving his car and was pulled off the road by a cop and was made to pay the fine amount because he used his Apple Watch to change a song. He says that his watch was connected with his iPhone, which was well placed in his bag. His iPhone was paired with the stereo and could be controlled with the Apple Watch.

Jeffery was fined under Section 439.1 of the Quebec Highway Safety Code. This section says that no person while driving can have anything handheld that is connected with the telephone or has telephone functions on it.

The Apple Watch is not a mobile by itself but can be used to make and receive calls that come on the paired iPhone. For that matter of fact, his device is no way handheld but is wrapped around the wrist of the user.

So this can certainly be challenged. Jeffery has reported that along with the fine he also got 4 points on his driving license. He has contested the decision at the local court

We have to wait and see whether Jeffery will get the verdict in his favor or not. With this becoming an international news, it will be interesting to see if the man gets back $120 and also write off the 4 points off his license.

The next time someone buys an Apple Watch they might as well consider the fine expenses that they might be incurring if caught by the cops while they change the music tracks.

This is not all that is making news when we are talking about Apple Watch. A company named Reserve Strap has developed a method to charge the Apple Watch faster than what the initially prescribed method by Apple does.