The Sims 4: Gamers Can Pick a Career for their Sims, Recent Packages Enhance the Gaming Experience, And More

Fans of Sims 4 are enjoying every bit of the game. EA is not leaving any stones unturned to keep the fans happy. The Sims 4 has seen regular expansion packages coming from the developers, which helps in increasing the scope of activities that a player can have in the game.

From going to work to having a house party with all luxuries around, EA has certainly tried to make The Sims 4 as realistic as they could. The most recent update that came from EA is, “The Sims 4: Get to Work”. With this expansion package, the players can choose one of the three careers for their Sims.

The careers that can be chosen are scientist, doctor or policeman. The player is now exposed to a completely new scenario. The Sims earn money from their jobs and can fulfill all the dreams they want to.

The surprise element in this expansion package is that players can start their own retail business instead of taking up a job as their career. The Sims are free to do the retail business of their liking to earn their daily living and fulfill all their ambitions. Players can take advantage of the talents, hobbies and interests of their Sims while choosing the form of business.

The new expansion package of The Sims 4 allows players to start their own business. Ranging from bakery to bookstore, Sims can run any business of their interest. The other commonly seen retail business in the game includes art galleries, clothing boutiques, and many others.

Using the Build mode the player can have full control over his retail business. In The Sims 4, a player can control important business factors like deciding the items he wants to see, managing his labor force and deciding whether he wants to trade in goods, services or products.

This is not all, Sims also have the ability to click picture perfect moments with the new photography feature that was added in the expansion package.