Apple Pay Steadily Gaining Popularity, And Current Usage Stands at 6%

InfoScout Co-Founder and CEO Jared Schrieber stated that Muscle Memory is a challenge. He explained that Apple should be focused on creating a trigger that makes users pull out their phone rather than their card in order to make payments.  He further noted that Apple could be leveraging beacon technology as an activating mechanism.

Furthermore, 31% of the users were unaware that the vendors they were buying from supported the NFC backed payments system. Meanwhile, 20% of the users wanted to make their payments using different methods like a pay card unsupported by the platform, cash or something that was linked to the rewards program.

Around 15% of the intermittent users surveyed by InfoScout reported inability. This was mainly due to the phone not being at hand (in case of 12%) or because the store didn’t support (3%) the Apple Pay system.

Meanwhile, as previously stated, Apple Watch will add further users to Apple Pay’s popularity. Reports indicate that it will work as a middleman for the iPhone 5 and 5S users. Currently, there are 58 retailers in the list of Apple-Pay friendly locations, including McDonald’s, Macy’s and Office Max.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple Pay!