Apple Pay Steadily Gaining Popularity, And Current Usage Stands at 6%

Around four months ago, the payment ecosystem was subject to a major surprise during the release of the first round of Apple Pay Adoption numbers. The info was launched by InfoScout on collaboration with

During Black Friday, a survey conducted on 400 Apple Pay users revealed that 95 percent of the latest iPhone users could have used Apple Pay on Black Friday, but didn’t. A more surprising fact is that around five weeks after the launch, around 90 percent or more users could have used Apple Pay but didn’t.

Presently, it’s been four and a half months since the release of Apple Pay. It has provided Apple with the chance of building, enhancing and extending the payments ecosystem. In its mission to broaden the appeal of Apple Pay, the Cupertino Tech Giant has been signing on new banks and making merchant partnerships. Furthermore, consumers have been overwhelmed with the promotions of Apple Pay from their banks.

Along with that, media coverage has been quite intense. During the Innovation Project 2015 that was powered by, the attendees received a chance to notice the difference made in six months. Meanwhile, InfoScout and introduced Apple Pay By The Numbers: Adoption And Behavior which is the outcome of a paired-up effort in order to track who is using Apple Pay and who isn’t.  The survey was based on 1000 people who owned iPhone 6 and could have made use of Apple Pay.

According to the March 2015 numbers, there has been a huge improvement over the November 2014 figures. According to the latest survey-generated reports, presently 6 percent use Apple Pay (up from 5%), 9 percent tried it but didn’t use it (an upgrade from 4%). This leaves around 85% users who haven’t tried it at all. As a result, within six months of Apple Pay’s launch, users have been more willing to make use of it.

The category has almost doubled since it was first measured by InfoScout in November. Meanwhile, questions have been raised as to why the triers haven’t been converted to users. The main reason behind this occurrence is forgetfulness as 32% iPhone 6 users reported that they simply forgot to use the app.