Continuum Season 4: Beginning of the End, New Season Features Six Episodes!

Lovers of the Continuum series have the good and the bad to deal with. The good being season 4 is soon expected to be produced and aired whereas the bad is that the show might get wrapped up after the airing of season 4. The Canadian show has had a good run in the recent past, but well, like every good thing this too, must come to an end.

The show had a new concept to portray, and the story line was always crisp and well put, which kept the viewers closely attached to the show for all its season so far. Fans came across the disastrous news of the show getting canceled post Season 3 as the falling TRP did not excite the studio bosses enough to continue its production any further.

Rachel Nichols, the Continuum actress, calmed the upset fans with a twitter post that confirmed that a Season 4 of the sci-fi series is indeed in line and it is just a matter of time before things begin to take shape and fall in place for the next season. There were rumors of a possible Continuum Season 4, but the fear was always there. They were finally removed with official confirmation of Season 4

The happy run for the fans, however, was curtailed with the additional news that Continuum Season 4 will be a shorter season with just six episodes in it. With Season 3 finale leaving a lot of unanswered questions fans were heartbroken about the decision of wrapping the show-up.

Shaw Media read the sentiments of the upset fans and thus even with a negative growth in ratings post every episode of season 3 the production house decided to work on Season 4 to answer the unanswered queries of the fans.

Nichols has clearly mentioned that she and the team of writers are hopeful that Season 4 will not be the end of the series. She reports that there are aspects of the show which is yet to be well explored, and the entire team of cast and crew are working very hard towards ensuring the series continues beyond Season 4.