Apple iPod Touch 6th Gen Rumored to Have Same Functionality as the Latest Line Of iPhones!

Reports further indicate that the device will have an 8 megapixel i-Sight camera along with a 1.5MP front camera. In the meantime, the Apple iPod Touch 6th generation will be priced as same as the iPod Touch 5g. It will be priced at $299 for the 32GB model, and the 64GB model will be priced at $399. After the iPod Touch 6 is released in the market, its predecessor will undergo a marked decline in price.

According to popular speculations, Apple may or may not release the latest line of iPods depending upon the innovative features of this device. It is of no doubt that the iPod line of devices is quite market-friendly, but Apple will need to make it as innovative and well-designed as the iPhone 6. This does not necessarily mean that the target niche for this device is non-existent.

On the contrary, the love for this device is still quite alive and holds a lot of potentials as well. An article published on Cross Map indicates that the device will come with two principal features: Apple Pay and the iPod Touch Plus. Appleā€™s purpose of convenient payment is more easily achieved through an iPod rather than the iPad. For now, Apple has kept this functionality strictly confined to its iPhone device.

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