Apple iPhone 7: To Have Features Borrowed From Apple Watch, Camera To Improve, And More

Experts suggest that camera will be one area where the research and development think-tanks will pour in their minds to rework the not so impressive element of the phone. Among the obvious changes we hope to see image stabilization in the camera application with some other minor additions. It is said that the new device will be capable to deliver high quality DSLR quality images using the advanced dual-lens camera system.

This seems to be the most logical anticipation for the upcoming device considering the recent acquisition of LinX done by Apple. LinX is known for making and developing high quality camera sensors. With all this put together, Apple might as well consider giving a better touch experience to its users in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

With speculation about various things in the upcoming models we hope that Apple soon comes out with details regarding the iPhone 7 and also ends the secret over the release date of the much awaited device among the iPhone lovers.