Fallout 4 Could Be Revealed at E3, Fans Hope for News on Dishonored and Wolfenstein: The New Order Sequels!

Presently, Fallout 4 is one of the highest speculated games worldwide. Furthermore, it’s not helping that the developers have decided to keep quiet about it. The game has been teased to a great extent and various gaming sites are filled with rumors based on what the fans are hoping with this title. An online source reported that Bethesda is going to make an announcement during the E3 conference.

Several invitation cards were sent out to different media outlets and it looks like Bethesda might be putting a hint out there regarding the upcoming installment. On the card, people will notice that they are invited to Bethesda’s E3 showcase which has been scheduled on 14th June. The photo also reveals the presence of seats filled with cardboard photos of characters from various gaming franchises developed by Bethesda.

It seems like Bethesda might be giving out hints in the form of invitation card information. The game titles that are shown on the card include Wolfenstein, Doom, Dishonored and The Evil Within. Sadly, fans will notice the fact that there are no photos or information related to Fallout 4.  It will be a major disappointment if another gaming conference passes by and nothing is revealed about Fallout 4.

However, according to an online source, there is a hint on the card which could mean that more information on Fallout 4 could be revealed on the same day. This is because one of the cardboard pictures has a question mark and it serves to be the most teasing aspect of this year’s invitation card. It could be the ultimate hint that gamers all over the world are waiting and hoping for. The question mark could indicate the entry of Fallout 4 or any other new game being developed by Bethesda.

In the meantime, another source predicts that Fallout 4 won’t be releasing anytime soon. According to the same online source, there could be another game releasing beside Fallout 4 like Fallout: New Vegas with Fallout 3. Gamers are anticipating that Bethesda will publish the title but not develop it. It means that another developer or studio will make the title and send it over to Bethesda for publishing.