Apple iPhone 7 Likely to Come with The 3.5mm Headphone Jack After All, Might Have a Dual-Sim Setup Too!

Apparently, the new OS will make the next generation of iOS devices more interactive. It was also revealed by Apple that iOS 10 will provide a boost to the performance of any Apple device in which it is used.

Some previous leaks of the iPhone 7 claimed that the device will come with a brand new Home button. Apparently, Apple the home button will no longer be an actual button. Instead, it would be built as a touch sensitive pad.

The button will completely be at level with the rest of the surface of the device. Users will be able to touch and tap on the so-called button to perform specific tasks. This will reportedly make the device sturdier as the phone will be rid of any moving parts which will work towards ensuring that there is a lesser possibility of the home button malfunctioning with repeated pressing.

The fingerprint sensor will be built into this touch sensitive surface, and users will be able to unlock the device by just touching it.

It was reported some time back that the iPhone 7 will not come with the previously rumored dual-camera setup. However, latest reports indicate that Apple will indeed build a dual-camera setup in the upcoming device.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iPhone 7.