Apple iPhone 6C: Tech-Specs, Price and Release Date Speculated, Advancements Expected Over the iPhone 5S, And More!

Apple’s smartphone lineup consists of the recently launched iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 5S, which launched back in 2013. However, there is another variant of this device that is currently missing from the action – the iPhone 5C.

The ‘C’ nomenclature usually denotes a plastic finish version of the premium smartphone. However, with Apple deciding to halt the manufacture of the 5C, leaving the iPhone 5S to cater to the entry level market segment, rumors began spreading about the fate of the much-loved cheaper cousin of the premium smartphone.

However, Apple might not discard the C nomenclature entirely and with the iPhone 5S having completed two years in the market, it’s time for it to retire, and what better way to have it replaced than by the iPhone 6C, which some claim has an alternate name – the iPhone Mini.

However, in the absence of an official statement from the tech mammoths, it is impossible to verify whether any of these rumors are indeed true. Hence, you might have to hold on to your horses for a little while, as Apple is unlikely to confirm or deny any of these statements anytime soon!

However, a Chinese Tech Magazine reportedly claimed that Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 6C by April 2016. Even though the statement might sound absurd right away, once you start thinking, it makes sense.

Apple has an important event lined up or March, where they plan on unveiling their 2016 lineup. If the iPhone 6C is showcased at the event, it won’t be long before the entry-level smartphone is available for purchase off the shelf.

Initial reports claim that the smartphone is likely to sport some serious upgrades over the iPhone 5S, and could also be branded as the iPhone 7C. However, Apple is unlikely to use the ‘7C’ branding before launching the iPhone 7. Hence, iPhone 6C is the way to go!

The Apple iPhone 6C will sport a metal finish, unlike the iPhone 5C, which featured a plastic body. The display is slated to be slightly curved towards the edges, like the new iPhone design, which will be a first on a budget device.

Apple is rumored to offer the 6C in three standard colors instead of the bright hues available on the 5C, namely, silver, gold and grey. Apple is also expected to offer the NFC chip, enabling Apple Pay, but no 3D Touch.

Numerous complaints have been registered by the Apple users, stating that the recent trend of manufacturing 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch devices is not what they wished for. In fact, these smartphones are difficult to operate with one hand. It looks like Steve Jobs was right all along!

Apple’s biggest selling point is their overall lag-free user environment, created by the iOS. This is one of the reasons behind Apple scoring high marks, despite the cut-throat competition in the market, thanks to Android-powered smartphones!

Not much is known about the iPhone 6C apart from the fact that it it’s likely to feature a 4-inch touchscreen to cater to the needs of the brand loyalists. Experts believe that the upcoming iPhone will be thinner than the iPhone 5C, but the metal jacket is bound to increase the price point of the 6C, which is a big turnoff for the masses!

Apple is yet to announce a formal pricing for the 6C, although, it is believed to be priced around the $500 mark. We can neither confirm nor deny these claims, since this is a speculated amount with no links to Apple whatsoever.

The Apple iPhone 6C is not expected to be feature-rich, as compared to the iPhone 6 Series, although, this is expected, considering the lower price tag.