The Big Bang Theory Season 9: Amy And Sheldon Takes The Big Step, Is Marriage On The Cards? Series May End After Season 10!

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 hadn’t opened very well. Fans felt that the popular series didn’t have the same punch it did in the initial few seasons. However, the creative team of The Big Bang Theory Season 9 sure knew how to get the audience back.

Those who follow The Big Bang Theory regularly will know that Amy and Sheldon had been together for a very long time, but unlike the other couples in the show, they hadn’t changed at all. Amy finally decided to break up with Sheldon since she wanted something more from the relationship, whereas he wasn’t ready for it.

It was only after Amy breaks up with Sheldon, do we realize that Sheldon had plans of proposing to Amy and this breaks the viewer’s heart. However, the showrunner Steve Molaro decided that it was the perfect time to take Amy and Sheldon’s relationship to the next level.

The couple finally got intimate after having dated for over five and a half years. There was a major buzz about this. Viewers of The Big Bang Theory had been waiting for this for a very long time and finally episode 12 of Season 9 saw Sheldon and Amy having their first intimate moment as a couple.

The episode titled The Sales Call Sublimation saw Amy and Sheldon having coitus while Leonard, Raj and Howard go to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Molaro informed Variety that they have been thinking about this episode for a very long time, but they didn’t want to rush into things. They wanted the event to unfurl naturally and felt that now was the perfect time to explore it.

Speaking about the much awaited moment between Sheldon and Amy, Molaro said that Sheldon had always been asexual, but they knew that there was enough potential there. The two characters had been dating for a long time and the episode came out naturally.

Mayim Bialik, the actress who plays the role of Amy Fowler on The Big Bang Theory wrote about the moment that Amy shared with Sheldon in her blog Grok Nation. She said that Amy is someone who has only kissed a single person in her life and has been a late bloomer.

Mayim Bialik said that she enjoyed playing the role of Amy in The Big Bang Theory and said that its fun being a part of one of the most memorable, quirky, long-standing, loving relationship on television. She loved the fact that unlike other relationships, Amy and Sheldon’s relationship didn’t revolve around sex.

According to Design & Trend, Bialik said that she would miss the fact that Amy isn’t a virgin anymore although she is happy that Amy and Sheldon took their relationship to the next level. There are talks about whether things are going to be different between Sheldon and Amy after coitus, but the show-runner has confirmed that that won’t happen.

Since it’s Sheldon and Amy, there aren’t going to be any change in their relationship post coitus. The only thing that will change is that their on-off relationship will become more stable. Bialik also added that Amy and Sheldon have also learnt to communicate and this will strengthen their relationship.

When asked if there’s a marriage on the cards, Jim Parsons, who plays the role of Sheldon Cooper said that he wouldn’t say a firm no since he doesn’t know what’s being planned for his character, Sheldon.