Apple iPad Air 3: Speculations Surrounding Price, Release Date, Hardware Surface, And More Details

The Apple iPad Air 2 makes use of a three-core A8X processor which is a modified version of the A8 processor in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

As a result, we can expect that the iPad Air 3 will feature full-Quad core CPU architecture for providing even better parallel processing power. Apple could even take a cue from Samsung, as the A8X uses a 20nm process compared to the more power-efficient 16mm, as seen in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

In the past, Samsung has made a lot of Apple chips; hence this shouldn’t be really surprising. In the upcoming Apple iPad Air 3, we could see the USB Type-C connector from MacBook but it doesn’t seem like Apple will switch from the lighting port so fast.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iPad Air 3!