Apple iPad Air 3: Speculations Surrounding Price, Release Date, Hardware Surface, And More Details

No matter what device has beaten it in terms of benchmarks, the Apple iPad is still the most popular tablet around. The present generation version is the excellent iPad Air 2 however, Apple keeps upgrading and we should see an iPad Air 3 before long.

Let’s take a look at all the new exciting features that we can expect from the next-generation upgrade. Firstly, the upcoming device will be faster and that’s no mystery but any other detailed specifications beyond that is mere guesswork for now. In 2012, the new iPads were launched in late October or early November.

Apple keeps doing this in order to ensure a demand frenzy created during the Christmas present-giving rush.  We are hoping that the upcoming Apple iPad Air 3 will be launched within the 1st or 2nd week of November and we’ll see an iPad Mini at the same event.

These days’ tablets are becoming more popular than personal computers, especially due to the launch of devise like Apple iPads and Microsoft Surface hybrids. Companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Apple and trying to best to introduce variants which tend to occupy major portions of the tablet market.

The latest upcoming Apple iPad Air sibling will be named iPad Air 3 or iPad 7, according to MacWorld UK. It is expected to release around October, the same time during which iPad Air 2 was unveiled. Reports further indicate that the new iPad will feature the recently released IOS 9, a 64-bit hardware that is similar to its predecessor along with a full quad-core chipset.

In terms of pricing, the new iPads usually cost 399 pounds. For a long time, we have been expecting Apple to reduce the initial price downwards but since iPad keeps dominating the tablet market, it’s not necessary for Apple to compete with price.

With the iPad Air 3, we can expect the 16GB variant to be replaced by a more logical 32GB variant at the standard price of 399 pounds. If you wish to grab hold of the Apple iPad Air 2, you should notice that the older iPad was reduced in price by about 80 pounds and you will probably end up getting the same deal for the iPad Air 2, when the 3rd Air releases.

In order to keep a difference between the high-end and reasonably priced iPad Air models, the company might keep the Air as the budget model and start varying prices of the Air 2 after Air 3 release.