Apple iPad Air 3 Slated to Launch Early Next Year, Declining iPad Sales Is Delaying Its Release, And More Details

Right now, there are loads of rumors suggesting that the Apple iPad Air 3 will feature some really powerful specs, similar to the iPad Pro and furthermore, it will be released sometime in 2016. It was believed earlier that the new tablet would launch in September this year.

However, instead of any announcement and details involving the iPad Air 3, the new Apple iPad Pro was launched. A report from Chinese website MyDrivers indicated that the iPad Air 3 would be launching in 2016 March. According to this website, the release date was postponed in order to give more importance to the iPad Pro which was launched recently.

The Apple iPad Air 3 was ignored in order to stop it from cannibalizing the sales of the former. Meanwhile, the iPad Pro will hit shelves on November 2015. Yibada further revealed that Apple is trying to come out with a wide range of devices in order to cater to people who have never used Apple iPads before.

Reports indicate that the upcoming Apple iPad Air 3 will come with a smaller screen and it will be a lightweight and slimmer product, compared to the Apple iPad Pro. However, it will come with the same features and specifications.

The upcoming iPad Air 3 will focus more on entertainment and media-related properties and this should make it more popular than the iPad Pro. IN terms of price, the iPad Air 3 will be cheaper than the larger 12.9inch iPad Pro.

Rumors indicate the inclusion of a 9.7inch display in the iPad Air 3 and it should come with a 4k display resolution or a lower resolution of 2334 x 3112 pixels with a pixel density of 401ppi. Compared to that, a pixel resolution of 1536×2048 was seen in the iPad Air 2.

Specifications of the iPad Air 3 2GB to 4GB of RAM, an A9X processor, Force Touch capabilities, a fingerprint sensor along with greater battery life and improved cameras. According to IT Pro, the device will come with IPX7 waterproofing certification and the battery size of the device might decrease as well.

The entry-level iPad was priced at $610 during its launch and as a result, the iPad Air 3 is also expected to be priced in the same way. Reports further indicate that there will be a 16GB variant. However, if the entry level device comes with 32GB internal storage capacity, the retail price in the beginning will increase as well.

Furthermore, the maximum storage capacity of iPad Air 3 will be 128GB. Further details suggest that the upcoming device will also be thinner than its predecessor with a measurement of 6.1mm.

Keep in mind that all of these are simply rumors and Apple is yet to confirm any features, specifications or official launch dates of the iPad Air 3. Additional details and updates involving the device will be released soon.

Apple did not release the iPad Air 3 beside the iPhone 6S and instead, decided to go ahead with the launch of iPad Pro. According to a new survey that was conducted by analyst house Gartner, there are 17% people who wish to buy an iPad in the next 12 months. This is primarily because consumers are pretty satisfied for now.

All the present applications still work quite well with the older generation iPads. As a result, consumers don’t wish to replace their devices just yet. Analyst Meike Escherich declared that this is one of the reasons why a lot of new devices are currently failing in the market.