Apple iPad Air 3: Latest Update On Tech-Specs and Release News, Unlikely to Come with 3D Touch Technology!

However, according to the latest reports, Apple might not incorporate this feature into the iPad Air 3 for a certain reason. Gospel Herald reported that this feature might not find its way to the list of specifications of the iPad Air 3 because Apple is having a hard time gathering the necessary materials required to instill the feature into the device.

Apparently, a lack of supply of the required materials has put Apple in such a position. It is being speculated that the device will come with a price tag of $610. However, the price will vary for the other variants of the device.

A fewer units were ordered by Apple for the recently released iPad Pro which further fuels the speculations that the iPad Air 3 will make an appearance within the first quarter of 2016. It looks like Apple is aiming to clear off the iPad Pro form the market before the iPad Air 3 makes its debut. A lesser number of units will ensure that the device is completely sold off by the time iPad Air 3 hits the market.

Two other devices, the iPhone 6C and the Apple Smart Watch 2 are expected to be unveiled alongside the iPad Air 3 in March 2016. The Smart Watch will reportedly come equipped with better health sensors, and an enhanced battery life compared to its predecessor. It will also feature a sleep tracker and will probably be less dependent on the iPhone that it is connected to.

Stay tuned for more update on Apple iPad Air 3.