Apple iOS Jailbreak Rumor Roundup, GSMagic Makes Flake Claims and Receives a Lot of Heat, Pangu to Release Jailbreak Soon? Let’s See

Apparently, iOS 9.3.2 is the most stable among all the versions of iOS 9.3. Thus, it is likely that the hackers will choose this particular version of iOS to jailbreak. Details are scarce regarding the jailbreak that will be released by Pangu. It is not known whether it will be for iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.3.

Chances are that the team will unveil the jailbreak at the upcoming MOSEC conference. Apparently, invites have been sent out by Pangu to other hackers and teams and thus it is likely that Pangu will be announcing or revealing something big at the event.

Mobipicker reports that since Apple has already taken the veils off of the iOS 10, it is likely that hackers will be trying to jailbreak this version of iOS instead of toiling with iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.3. Apple will soon make the OS available to public for testing purposes before it is released and thus it will enable the hackers to get their hands on the brand new OS.

The final version of the OS will be released by Apple in the month of September. Thus, if indeed a jailbreak is released for iOS 10, it is unlikely to see the light of the day before September.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iOS Jailbreak.