Angry Birds 2: Downloads Cross 50 Million, A Quick Glance, Infected With Xcode Ghost Virus? And More

We Chat was one of the first apps to fall prey to the XcodeGhost virus.

A Security company, Palo Alto Networks, reported that this instance is the sixth one when a malware infection has gotten past the security measures of Apple and got into the App Store. It is believed that the virus had spread from the Xcode compiler and had affected over 300 apps, something that Apple said could never happen.

It is being assumed that the developers of the company in China unknowingly downloaded the Xcode virus when they tried to download the actual Xcode program from local servers instead of downloading it from Apple’s own sources in the United States, because the local servers provided relatively faster downloads than the US servers.

It is a questionable issue as to why Apple’s security measures did not detect the malware during the process of app reviewing. Users of iPhones and iPads, at this moment, could only hope that Apple builds more strong security procedures so that incidents like this do not repeat itself in the future.

Apple has stated that all the infected versions of apps have been removed from the App Store and it is working tirelessly along with the developers to get clean copies of the apps uploaded as soon as possible.

As of now users are advised to immediately uninstall any apps featuring on the infected app list and wait for the developers to upload fresh copies of them in the App store and re-download them once they are uploaded.

Stay tuned for more update on Angry Birds 2.