Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date, Specification and Additional Rumors Surface, More Information

Presently, the iPad tablets are the most popular ones around in the market. The present generation iPad that we now have is the Apple iPad Air 2 and people have been a bit surprised since no news of a successor has been presented yet. Instead, an iPad Pro and an iPad Mini 4 have been announced.

A lot of us expected Apple to unveil the upcoming Apple iPad Air 3 in their September event. The company finally decided not to introduce anything new in 2015 in terms of tablets. This is primarily because tablets have been getting saturated and people are quite happy with the ones they own already.

Most of us aren’t looking towards updating their tablets anytime soon. Any new iPad that you purchase costs around 399 pounds and a lot of us have been expecting Apple to reduce that price tag for years. However, Apple has clearly dominated the tablet market so far and this clearly means that don’t need to reduce their prices in order to win further hearts.

That being said, Apple decided to introduce a change in the pricing of Apple iPad Air 2 by reducing the silly price of upgrading the internal storage of their device to 64GB. In case of the iPad Air 3, we really hope that Apple decides to remove the base 16GB model and comes with a more realistic 32GB offering with a proper price tag as well.

Keep in mind that Apple is quite aggressive when it comes to profit margins, so a reasonable price will only be available when Apple manages to get a decent deal on 32GB internal storage variants of the iPad Air 3.

In terms of processing power of the upcoming iPad Air, it can be predicted by looking at the recent trends of Apple iPad devices. The Apple iPad Air 2 used a triple-core A8X processor which is a modified version of the A8 processor that was seen in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Recently, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were launched with A9 processor chips.

As a result, in case of the upcoming iPad Air 3, the device should be powered by a quad-core Apple processor for greater parallel processing power. From the looks of it, this can be achieved quite easily within the same power requirements and space through a reduction in the overall manufacturing process.

A 20nm process is used in the A8X but the latest handsets from Samsung make use of 14nm process and let’s not forget that Samsung used to make processors for Apple in the past. Meanwhile, in case of the display, it is being expected that iPad Air 3 will come with a 2334×3112 pixels display resolution and a pixel density of 401ppi.

However, considering the screen size of Apple’s present generation iPad, it is quite sufficient for daily usage and therefore it seems like an unnecessary feature to be upgraded. In fact, it could lead to unnecessary drops in battery life and lower frame rates during gaming. Apple has a new battery technology which it used in the latest MacBook.

With this technology, slices of battery can be laid on top of each other in a staggered manner, so as to completely utilize the curved edges of the complete chassis. This particular technology could be used in the upcoming iPad Air 3.