Angelina Jolie Fights Pitt Over Children, Career and Co-Star, Bashes Trump Over His Anti-Muslim Comments, And More

According to her, they actually had a hold on Angelina Jolie but she was let go since Jolie was already offered another film. Instead of The Craft, Jolie starred in Foxfire. Scarlett Johansson was just 12 years old at that time and she came in as well. Another girl to be considered for the role was Alicia Silverstone.

In other news, Jolie slammed Donald Trump due to his comments against Muslims.She stated that Trump’s stance did not comply with her vision of America.

She is a refugee envoy of United Nations and she issued a passionate appeal for the refugees. When someone asked her about Trump’s stance on Muslims, she shook her head and disapproved and her eyes were closed. Jolie declared that America is populated by people from all over the world who came together for freedom with a specific focus on freedom of religion.

Therefore, it is difficult to hear anti-Muslim remarks from a person aspiring to be America’s next president. Last December, Trump declared that Muslims must be banned from coming into United States. These remarks were made after terror bombing devastated Paris and killed 130 people in France.

What are your thoughts on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s marriage? Do you support Jolie’s remarks against Trump? Stay tuned for more updates on Angelina Jolie!