Android Update 5.0 Lollipop Coming Soon For US Xperia Z Devices, Android Wear Update Forthcoming As Well!

In other news, update for Google’s Android Wear will include gesture controls, Wi-Fi support and a revamped User Interface for simple access to contacts and apps.  Recently, The Verge, which is a source familiar with the plans for Android Wear, indicated that the next software update includes major improvements.

Two additional minor updates will be released along with the ‘Wi-Fi turn on’ feature for Android Wear Devices. The Android Wear Smartwatches come equipped with a Snapdragon SoC that has an integrated Wi-Fi module. Reports suggest that it will get activated by this simple software update.

The users will be able to flick their wrist and scroll through Google Now cards and notifications. You will no longer need to swipe with your hand in order to achieve this. A more exciting report indicates that Google will declare Android Wear support for Apple’s iPhone and iPad range of devices, possibly scheduled for May this year.

An official announcement regarding this affair could be delayed, depending on Apple Watch sales. Last month, a video was showcased in YouTube featuring an iPhone paired with an Android Wear smartwatch. As a result, the particular update can come sooner than expected.

Stay tuned for more news on Android Update!