90’s Cool Girl Chloe Sevigny Lashes Out At Jennifer Lawrence, Calls Her Crass and Annoying!

Chloe Sevigny, who was once considered to be the 90’s cool girl, has gotten nasty in a recent interview with a leading magazine. When asked how actresses should portray themselves nowadays, Sevigny lashed out at Jennifer Lawrence, saying she found her “annoying” and “too crass”.

Chloe Sevigny said that the actresses these days are all trying to portray a big personality. They try to be peppy and funny and charm audiences on talk shows. The audience loves them and wants to be them and then when their films come out, watches them. She was clearly hinting at Lawrence, 24, who has a fun and charming personality and has wooed viewers in her interviews and press conferences.

While Sevigny had no love lost for Lawrence, she was all praise for Angelina Jolie and Emma Stone. She said that she adored Jolie as an actress and will never be able to be as good as she her in her profession. She also finds Emma Stone likeable when she is being her cute self.

There has been a lot of talk about Jennifer Lawrence’s relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex Chris Martin. Hollywood insiders have said that the young girl will face a lot of problem as the other woman in Paltrow’s life. With Paltrow being very clear that Chris will always be her friend and a very special person to her, there were experts who claimed that things could rekindle between her and Chris and Jennifer was just walking on the road to heartbreak-ville.

Lawrence has come on the news with her compromising photos being leaked online following the hacker episode, but she was not alone, and there were many A-list celebrities who were there in the same boat with her. The young Oscar winner has often been called outspoken and loud. She is young and has a free spirit, never shying down from speaking or acting how she deems it fit.

40-year-old Sevigny, who has her upcoming role in Netflix’s Bloodline, was rather harsh to Jennifer Lawrence. There has not been any evidence of the Hunger Game’s actor ever dishing out in public, and this sudden remark has created quite a buzz.