90’s Cool Girl Chloe Sevigny Lashes Out At Jennifer Lawrence, Calls Her Crass and Annoying!

Chloe Sevigny has films like Boys Don’t Cry and Kids. She came to lime light with the internship at the teen magazine, Sassy with publisher Jane Pratt. Yes, Jennifer Lawrence, has a list of antics that has raised quite a few eyebrows. After winning her Golden Globe award for Silver Linings Playbook, she openly spoke about how happy she was after beating Meryl Streep for it.

Later when the comment had created quite an uproar, she tried to salvage the situation by saying that the comment was from The First Wives Club, and she was a huge fan of Streep. Recently, during the interview with David Letterman for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, she sat wrapped in a blanket because she said that the studio was cold.

Jennifer Lawrence has not yet responded to Chloe Sevigny’s comment. With The Hunger Games release just around the corner and the Dior campaign on, she might not have had a chance to hear and process Sevigny’s comment.

Watch this space for the latest development in the Sevigny-Lawrence drama!