Amy Shares An Embarrassing Video Of Karma That Goes Viral In Faking It Season 3, Karma Gets Back At Her, Will They Become Friends Again? Let’s See

After a day getting detention in the school compost, viewers of Faking It Season 3 don’t think that that things can get any worse for Karma, but then that is exactly what happens. Amy and Liam spot Dylan making out with another girl, but they do not have the heart to tell her about it. Amy decides to deal with things on her own and confronts Dylan.

However, Karma overhears what the two had to say and confronts Dylan about kissing another girl. Amy also gets a detention at the school compost since she was caught insulting Dylan. Amy and Karma end up in the compost together and they fight it out there while throwing compost at each other.

They finally come together and realize that they are meant to be friends when their mutual fear and disgust for rats and other rodents inside the compost bring them together. The compost becomes the place where they talk things out and decide to walk on the path of friendship again.

The viewers feel that Karma and Amy can be friends again if they are both willing to take the step. Breathe Cast reported that the episode 3 scoop says there is minimal chance of that happening.

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