Production of Attack On Titan Season 2 Currently On Hold, Ackerman Rumored to Die, Tetsuro Araki Careful to Adapt the Manga!

The production of Attack on Titan Season 2 has been put on hold since the original manga is not yet ahead by four story arcs as it had been decided by the creator Hajime Isayama and the director Tetsuro Araki.

Araki isn’t ready to incorporate things on his own to take the story forward since he feels that the reason for the success of the anime lies in the fact that it is completely based on the original manga.

Tetsuro Araki spoke to Bessatsu Shōnen magazine and has informed the fans that he will do his best to keep the anime true to the original manga. He has agreed to the fact that it is difficult to adapt a manga that is so brilliantly written, but he and his team are giving their all to make the anime similar to the manga.

He went to say that the creation of the anime from the original Shingeki no Kyojin is almost a cultural undertaking and he has to be very clear about what is being translated so that he doesn’t tamper the historical value of the manga.

Tetsuro Araki has revealed that he is under regular correspondence with Hajime Isayama so that he knows exactly how the manga is progressing and can work things out accordingly. Tetsuro Araki had promised fans that he would try to come out with Attack on Titan Season 2 as fast as possible so that the fans will not have to wait for long after the second season.

While his team has been ready to work hard to prepare the sketches, animations and the storyboard for the second season of Attack on Titan, they have been forced to stop since the original manga isn’t four arcs ahead of the anime as the pact lies between the creator and the director.

There are some rumors about Attack on Titan Season 2 that are circulating on the internet. Kawakubo Shintaro, a manga artist working with Tetsuro Araki has come to reveal that the second season will throw light on the fact that Reiner is the Armored Titan. This will be one of the major scenes in the season and will be worked out elaborately.

According to Christian Daily, Hajime has revealed the scene where Reiner’s identity will be revealed is a very special one for him. The earlier story arc of Attack on Titan manga had seen Annie’s identity as the Female Titan being revealed. Hajime has worked on a different way of revealing Reiner’s identity so that it is significantly different from what the series has with respect to Annie.

Cross Map has brought to notice a rumor that had been circulating for a long time now. It looks like Levi Ackerman is set to die in Attack on Titan Season 2. Most of his squad had been killed in Season 1 itself and he is going to breathe his last while protecting the Shinganshina trio- ErenYaeger, Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman.

There have always been rumors about the overthrow of the royal family to bring the Reiss family into power. It has been revealed that it is the Reiss family who are the real royal family. Apart from this it will also be revealed that the new royal family possesses the power to transform into Titans at their will.