Amazing Spider Man 3 Not Planned, Marvel Can Reboot the Franchise with Drew Goddard as the New Director, And More

Since the release of Amazing Spiderman, a lot has happened to the franchise. Amazing Spiderman 2 grossed a major 700 million+ in the box office but received lukewarm reviews from fans and critics alike. Most movie makers would be happy with Amazing Spiderman franchise’s box office performance, but Sony seems to be expecting quite a lot more from this top grossing movie series.

Meanwhile, the next Spiderman movie is years ago but reports from Deadline Hollywood indicate that Sony has found the director in Drew Goddard. He previously worked with Joss Whedon, in the comedy-horror film Cabin in the Woods and was rumored to be working together on the cancelled Sinister Six movie.

For now, we can only add speculations and rumors on the storyline for the next Amazing Spiderman movie. Fans are quite excited to notice the character interacting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with the possibility of appearing in ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

Even with his absence, Peter Parker could have co-existed with other Marvel Superheroes.  The level of exposure that The Avengers enjoy would not have been attractive to Peter Parker, who wishes to keep his identity a secret. The issue could be even more secretive, due to the death of Gwen Stacy; her death was a direct consequence of his identity revelation.

What are you expecting in the next Amazing Spiderman movie? Let us know with your comments and predictions below!