Amazing Spider Man 3 Not Planned, Marvel Can Reboot the Franchise with Drew Goddard as the New Director, And More

There will be a new beginning for the Spider-Man franchise. After the partnership of Marvel and Sony, these two studios are now going to concentrate on a rebooted Spiderman project. Till now, no detail has been revealed regarding the plot, cast and characters. However, an initial release date of 29th July 2017 is under target, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Andrew Garfield will not reprise his role as the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. Instead, he will be replaced by another talented (hopefully) actor. It has been rumored that Marvel is currently looking for a younger actor to play the role of Spiderman and also appear in other movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The new Spiderman character could appear as early as in the upcoming ‘Captain America’ movie releasing next year. Although there hasn’t been an announcement, Spiderman’s presence in the upcoming ‘Civil War’ movie does seem too justified. In the comic books, Spiderman plays a major role in the storyline, and Marvel will put this to good use. IN this manner, it would be an excellent way to introduce Spidey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The comic version of Civil War was quite interesting with a storyline where Tony Stark became a mentor figure for Spiderman. Rumors indicate that this could be replicated in the movie. In the meantime, Robert Downey’s confidence in Spiderman could go a long way in an inspiring credibility for the Spiderman character.

The reboot will mark a major run in the Amazing Spiderman Movie franchise. The two movies earned quite a significant box office figure, but it failed to be in resonance with the movie going public along with comic book fans. It seems like Sony has big plans for this franchise and is already working on spin-offs like Sinister Six, which is now being rumored to be cancelled. However, the new and upcoming projects do seem to be in hold for now.