Advertisers Refuse Association with 19 Kids and Counting’s Spin-Off ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’ Following Josh Duggar Scandal!

With news of the show being cancelled being circulated, there are some mixed reviews from the public. While some feel that it is good that the show starring Josh Duggar is cancelled once and for all, others feel that it is not right to punish Jill and Jessa for what Josh had done. The viewers feel that the public doesn’t have the right to judge Josh when his wife, Anna Duggar could easily forgive him.

Jill and Jess are in fact two of the sisters whom Josh had molested and the aim of the show was to give scope of their view on what had happened to them and how things have shaped up for them.

The critics were disgusted when the scandal came out from the family that claims that they are devout Christians. The show featuring Jill and Jessa and their husbands and young kids, was meant to show a different picture to the public.

The girls have grown up in front of the viewers since they have been on the successfully running 19 Kids and Counting, until the family was hit by the scandal. Viewers have seen some of the most amazing moments from their lives.

The viewers have seen them celebrates birthdays, learn how to drive, meet their life-partners and go on to start their own families. These heart-warming moments have made the girls close to the viewers and it is hard for some to think that they might not see them again if Jill & Jessa: Counting On is cancelled.

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