Hades Forces Rumplestiltskin To Create A Portal In Once Upon A Time Season 5, More Information

Once Upon a Time Season 5 had been rumored to be one exciting series even before it had hit the television screen and it is surely living up the expectations of the fans. The last episode of Once Upon a Time Season 5 saw Zelena (Rebecca Mader) coming back to the series and the episode focused on her story with the demigod of Underworld, Hades (Greg Germann). Hades is known to be a powerful character and he makes Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) make a portal for him.

Rumplestiltskin creates the portal in exchange for the life of his unborn child and Zelena, Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Baby Hood make their way through this portal. The audience find out that Hades had been visiting Oz when he had fallen in love with Zelena, but she didn’t return his feeling since she felt that Hades wanted to use her baby as an ingredient in one of his travelling spells.

However, Zelena later learns that Underworld is the exact replica of Storybrooke, since Hades wanted to build her a home similar to the one that she wanted. The viewers of Once Upon a Time Season 5 will realize that Hades has some more tricks up his sleeve in the coming episodes. The viewers were pretty pleased to watch the flashback mode where they see the unorthodox romance between Zelena and Hades.

For those who didn’t know the story, many years ago in Oz, Zelena wanted to create a time-travel spell that required the heart of a Scarecrow, but he is saved by Dorothy (Teri Reeves). Zelena is furious and wants to find out who informed Dorothy, when she confronts Hades. Hades wants to help out, but Zelena refuses to help him.

The upcoming episode, Her Handsome Hero will bring in the fairytale character of Gaston (Wes Brown). Gaston is from the ABC series Beauty and the Beast and the character will be incorporated into Once Upon a Time Season 5 with some minor changes.

Gaston will not be the typical hero from Beauty and the Beast that readers have heard of their storybooks, he is going to be out to find his love who has been stolen from him by the Dark One. Hades will give Gaston the opportunity the seek revenge from Rumplestiltskin for the misery he has brought upon him.

This proposition makes for an interesting twist in the plot. Hades had already made Rumplestiltskin work for him in exchange for the life of his and Belle’s child. Belle had forbidden Rumplestiltskin to use his evil power.

Rumplestiltskin, however loved the Dark One as much as he loved his wife and hence couldn’t save the fate of their baby. He confesses to Belle about having sold their second-child to Hades and adds that even though he loves her, he couldn’t stop himself. Instead of getting angry, Belle actually falls for the man with all the flaws.

With the character from Beauty and the Beast being brought in to the plot, there is a chance that viewers are going to see some romantic spark between Belle and Gaston, with the characters meeting from the past. There are rumors that the episode will also see that Rumplestiltskin might also end up being the one responsible for the death of Gaston.