Person of Interest Season 5 To Focus On Root and Sameen’s Relationship, Machine Tries to End the Samaritan!

The last and final season of Person of Interest is going to be back on CBS in May. There is a lot of interest in how the show will pan out in Season 5 and International Business Times has revealed that Person of Interest Season 5 is going to focus largely on the relationship between Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and Root (Amy Acker).

The last season had something developing between Root and Sameen and the fans are excited that the two will see something happening for real between them. There is, however, no information on how long the two of them will be together.

Viewers came to realize that there is a scope for something happening between the two since Sameen was kidnapped by Decima Technologies. Root gave her all to try and find her out and she never gave up hope. Root’s team wasn’t very positive about finding Sameen, but Root never felt that there was any scope of that happening.

The fourth season of Person of Interest ended with an artificial intelligence system, called The Machine, identifying people of interest on the basis of their threat and danger levels who were being eliminated by the Samaritan.

Samaritan was taking people completely out of the grid. The finale had shown creators of The Machine, Finch (Michael Emerson) give his all to repackage the grid and save it before it is completely destroyed by the Samaritan.

Person of Interest Season 5 will pick up from there and show the viewers what is in store, next. The fifth season, being the last one has a lot of expectations riding on it and the Inquisitr reported that the Harold Finch and John Reese (Jim Cavaziel) will try and put an end to the Samaritan. However, it has been rumored that The Machine will not come forward to give them any assistance.

It is speculated that Machine Team will to try to put an end to Decima Technologies plan to take over the world by making things difficult for the Samaritan. Lawyer Herald has reported that Decima Technologies and Machine Team will come together to stop Samaritan. This looks like a possibility, given that it is the final season and since it has been revealed that Decima Technologies has the power to control the Samaritan.

There are some speculations stating that Person of Interest Season 5 will not pick up from the exact place where Person of Interest Season 4 had ended. There is a chance that it might pick up months later with the presence of a supremely advanced machine that has the potential power to stop the rogue system.

The fans might be a little disappointed to know that Person of Interest Season 5 is going to be the final season for the series, but the showrunners Greg Plageman and Jonathan Nolan have confirmed that the show is going to be one of the most interesting that the viewers have seen so far.

The viewers might be a little disappointed to know that instead of the regular number of episodes, the fifth season of Persons of Interest is only going to have thirteen episodes. The show will be aired on the 3rd of May and will be over with its final episode of 21st June.

While it is sad to sit and formulate the plan for the final season, according to Master Herald, the showrunners have said that they are extremely happy to share the final leg of the story with the fans.