Person of Interest Season 5 To Focus On Root and Sameen’s Relationship, Machine Tries to End the Samaritan!

They also extended their thanks to the fans, who they feel have been the most loyal fans in the whole wide world. Plageman and Nolan have also thanked the cast and crew and the whole support system that works with them, for being there with them. They said that show wouldn’t have come this far if it hadn’t been for the support of the fans.

Michael Emerson, who plays the role of Harold Finch in Person of Interest has confirmed that the series will come to an end with Season 5, but there is a chance that the show might be renewed if there is enough demand for the series.

The viewers will agree to the fact that each finale so far had appeared to be the last final episode of the series until it came back with another interesting storyline. This time, however, the show will have the final finale for real until it is renewed by CBS for another season. Keeping this in mind, the showrunners will close all the endings, but will keep enough space for the show to proceed if such a possibility arose.

There has hardly been any scoop that has been spilled and for a while there was a fear that CBS has cancelled the fifth season, but then that isn’t the case.

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