Adrien Broner Rumored to be Manny Pacquiao’s Next Contender, Pia Wurtzbach’s Win to Inspire His Next Match, And More Details

Meanwhile, Pia’s win became highly controversial after Steve Harvey; the pageant host announced in the beginning that the Miss Universe title has been won by Miss Columbia Ariadna Guiterrez.

The crown stayed on her head for a few minutes but after that Harvey came over and admitted his grave mistake. He finally declared that the real winner is Miss Philippines. Sadly, the crown was taken from the head of Guiterrez and placed on the head of the rightful owner.

Manny further praised Gutierrez for the humility that was shown by her, during this awkward moment. He declared that Courage is grace under pressure.

Pacquiao stressed on the fact that this was shown in the middle of the confusion and controversy which further marked her coronation as the new Miss Universe. Meanwhile, Wurtzbach declared that she was very happy for her victory but was concerned about her fellow contestant.

Meanwhile, Christmas has been made a much happier occasion for 150 homeless families as it was announced that Manny Pacquiao will be building them new homes. They will be ready for occupancy next year.

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