Viral Saturday Night Live Episode with Ryan Gosling, He and Eva Mendes Are Planning Their Second Baby, More Details

On 5th December, Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live and some of the clips from this particular SNL episode have become quite viral due to a lot of reasons.

One of these reasons was the love she has for Eva Mendes and their daughter, Esmeralda. Of course, the other reason is that Ryan Gosling could barely hold his giggles.

When it comes to SNL, Ryan Gosling may not have been the most effective and the best host in this show. It is a dubious honor that has been claimed by a number of hosts in the past, which include Alec Baldwin, Will Farrell, Steve Carell and also Justin Timberlake, who threatened the world about his major Saturday Night Live comeback.

However, that being said, the way Ryan Gosling hosted SNL was quite unique and the best part was that people could laugh along with his way of presenting it in a funny manner. Every bit of Ryan Gosling’s performance was fleshed out by The Daily Mail and they chose to point of every notable sketch and in an ironic manner, Ryan was pretty much unable to get a hold of his giggles.

Ryan could barely hold himself during the Alien Abduction Sketch with Cecily Strong and Ryan McKinnon. He broke down in fits of giggling at least twice. Another thing which proved to be too much for Ryan was Aidy Bryant playing as an over-sexed teen hitting on her friend’s “hot Dad”.

While Aidy sucked frosting off his fingers, he could barely hold it together. However, it was during the end credits which featured a sweet ending to this hosting gig of Saturday Night Live by Ryan Gosling. After he thanked special guest Mike Myers and singer Leon Bridges, he quickly added, “Eva and Ezzy I love you’’.

Ryan will be starring in a number of high-profile movies like The Big Short, where he is paired with Steve Carell, the veteran comedian, in a boiler room tale which involves financial insiders who ended up predicting the financial meltdown of 2008. In the unlikely comedy ‘The Nice Guys’, he has been paired with Russell Crowe and it involves a duo of unskilled detectives.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s romantic bond brought them highly close to each other and also made them one of the most loved couples of Hollywood. Right now, they seem to be pretty glued to each other after their alleged break-up.

It was earlier said that The Amazing Spider-Man actor was madly in love with the lovely Gangster Squad Actress. Sadly, he called off their romantic relationship after noticing her close ties with Ryan Gosling, especially on the sets of upcoming movie, ‘La La Land’.  Right now, this matter seems to have taken a pretty major twist.

According to Youth Health, it was found that Emma Stone was pretty hurt about Ryan Gosling choosing his longtime girlfriend Eva Mendes, over her. Right now, there are reports that Gosling and Mendes are actually planning to get married.

At the present juncture of their lives, a social marriage really makes sense, according to them. The latest reports also reveal that this is a major step for them, especially during the period when she is going to be mothering another child.

Yibada reports that The Amazing Spider-Man actress was not too happy to find out that Ryan Gosling is planning to have another baby with Eva Mendes, the actress of ‘The Place beyond The Pines’.

Meanwhile, actor Andrew Garfield did not talk about the breakup rumor involving his longtime girlfriend, Emma Stone, during his recent interview with KDrama Stars.