Kim Richards: Starting A New Reality Show with Lifetime, Reunites with Sister Kathy, And More Details

Looks like the rumors about Kim Richards not returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Season 6, are indeed true. The former actress and socialite had been asked to leave the show by Bravo after she had hit an all time low with her alcoholism.

She had gotten into a trouble with the police because of a drunken brawl at a posh Beverly Hills hotel and had also been caught for shoplifting from Target.

Bravo didn’t want Kim Richards in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since they thought that she was bringing in a lot of negative publicity and they weren’t okay with that. They asked Kim Richards to leave the show and seek help.

Kim Richards had taken charge of her life and has made a quick recovery. She even patched things up with her sister Kyle Richards and apologized to the whole team of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for her behavior.

It was felt that she had apologized because she wanted in on RHOBH and was even ready to work for free. However, this rumor was stopped by her sister Kyle Richards who rubbished the claim.

Kim Richards has since then decided to go ahead with Lifetime to start her own reality show. The news was revealed by People Magazine and Lifetime had confirmed the news themselves. Kim Richards is expected to be a part of the show with her daughter, Kimberly. The details of the show aren’t available yet.

Radar Online had reported that the mother-daughter team is getting almost $100,000 per episode for the show. However, filming for the new show had been interrupted when Kim Richards got to know that her ex-husband Monty Brinson was taken to the hospital. Monty and Kim are very close and he is fighting with cancer.

Monty Brinson was one person who always stood by Kim Richards during every crisis she has ever faced and she is very attached to him. Brinson is fighting with an advanced stage of lung cancer.

Kim Richards was informed about the incident by members of family and she completely broke down and asked to communicate with her family. One of the strict clauses for the Lifetime show is that the participants cannot talk to anyone who isn’t a part of the series. However, given the gravity of the situation, Lifetime decided to make an exception.

Monty Brinson had taken to his Instagram page to share his condition. He said the he is in the hospital fighting hard against lung cancer. He described the incident as one about life or death and also said that he isn’t going to give up since he is a fighter.

Lifetime hadn’t made a statement about Kim Richards breaking protocol and making a phone call to Monty Brinson since it was a medical emergency and they had made an exception for the situation. However, they are a little worried about Kim Richards’ sobriety if something happens to Brinson.

Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards had been friends ever since their Real Housewives of Beverly Hills day and Yolanda went ahead to congratulate Kim on her new reality show. Kim Richards had a tough time in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since all the ladies had turned against her; all except Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville.

Given this premise, while both Kim and Brandi are no longer a part of RHOBH, the two will continue being a part of the new season on account of their friendship with Yolanda. Yolanda herself has now become the new target for the ladies in the upcoming season. Everyone is questioning her fight with Lyme disease.