Kim Richards: Starting A New Reality Show with Lifetime, Reunites with Sister Kathy, And More Details

The matter was brought to the forefront by Kyle Richards who questioned if Yolanda was indeed suffering from Lyme disease or if she had a case of Munchausen syndrome, where people tend to fake the symptoms of deadly diseases.

Yolanda Foster responded to these allegations made against her stating that she doesn’t need to fake a disease to get attention. She said that she is suffering from Lyme disease and is fighting against it. She also informed that she is getting better, but has to be under treatment for five days a week.

Kim Richards reunited with her sister Kathy Hilton on the occasion of Christmas. Paris Hilton, Kathy’s socialite daughter uploaded photos on the social media. The festivities that Kim Richards was a part of, were after the Hilton family enjoyed a Caribbean vacation on their yacht.

Kathy Hilton had moved away from her siblings Kyle and Kim Richards because of the feud between the Kathy and Kyle’s husbands. However, there seem to have been some positive development since the sisters came together for Kris Jenner’s Christmas Eve bash.

Kim Richards has started to win over her family members after her decision to turn her life for the better. Visit the page for more news.