Adobe Introduces New Features in Flash Player 17, Release Date Nearing, And More

Furthermore, manipulations of the bitmap representations of the video frames are also required. The new feature is known as VideoTexture, and it allows direct access to a texture object, which is further sourced from a Camera or Netstream.  With the Flash Player 17, this feature is back and also available on Windows, AIR Mac, and the IOS platform.  In a further upcoming release, you should be witnessing Android support as well.

During the recent releases of the runtime, support has been added for the Standard and Standard Constrained Stage3D profiles. With the release of AIR 17, a new extended profile for IOS has been provided along with Android devices which support GLES3. Keep in mind that the presence of the standardExtended profile indicates the availability of AGAL3. Furthermore, the same profile name can be used in requestContext3D and requestContext3DMatchingProfiles processes of Stage3D.

At the moment, Adobe Flash Player 16 is performing quite awesomely. However, a newer version of Adobe Flash Player will be released soon. According to the latest rumors, the release will take place around six months from now! Hence, if all goes well, the application will be launched by the end of this year.

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