Customization Available For Motorola Moto 360, Images Leaked By the Lenovo CEO, And More

Motorola was working hard to add its first ever Android Wear powered Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch and incorporate it to the Moto Maker Program. Recently, the company finally launched the expanded service.

The Moto Maker customization aspect is now available in the United States, which allows buyers to customize their watches before they end up buying them. Recently, Motorola announced via Twitter that it was time to make the Moto 360 truly yours. Hence, customize one for yourself today.

As of now, the Lenovo-owned company hasn’t revealed whether the Moto 360 smartwatch customization option is going too made available in other countries besides US. However, Motorola declared that the Moto 360 smartwatch will be available for potential buyers around the world. However, no information was revealed regarding the countries where it would go live.

Presently, the customization option is only available in the United States along with a few other regions. According to the Moto Maker page, there are three forms of customization options that are available for the Motorola Moto 360. These include the watch case, watch band, and the watch face. The very first time this smartwatch is switched on, the selected watch face will appear on the Moto 360.

There are a variety of bands available for the Moto 360 like Light Finish Case with 22mm Cognac Leather Band, Light Finish Case Champagne Gold Metal Band, Champagne Gold Finish Case with Cognac Leather Band, Light Finish Case with Slim Champagne Gold Metal Band and Light Finish Case Dark Metal Band.

In its official blog, Motorola declared the introduction of Moto Maker for the 360. Buyers can choose from dark metal, light metal and champagne gold case finishes. Along with that, users can pick up one of the nine available bands which include metal, leather, and a new mono-link design. The new design will feature a modern take on the traditional metal band style.