Acid Cigars

Smoking Acid Cigars is the most wonderful smoking experience out there to enjoy. Introduced in 1999 by Jonathan Drew this kind of cigars offer the most wonderful aromatic flavor. Their well-kept secret formula is based on herbs and essential oils. They are produced very carefully from a premium tobacco that contains many kinds of flavors that will take your smoking experience to the next level.

The secret of making Acid Cigars

The Acid Cigars tobacco blending and curing are the most guarded secrets in Acid smoking industry. Each blend is designed with new explorations. For the past decade, only a few people know the exact formula to create this kind of flavored tobacco. The process is more sophisticated than the common flavoring methods used in the past.

Acid Cigars are “infused cigars” which means that they’re flavored by absorbing different aromas and not being sprayed with aromas or chemicals. The key for building flavored tobacco lies in the finishing stage. In this final stage, the cigars are wrapped up in plastic and they are being kept in a cool room for three to eight months, so the flavor can be fully absorbed by the tobacco.

There are three ways for producing flavored cigars. The first one is to spray the tobacco with extract or syrup. The second is to expose the tobacco in an aromatic room or container until it greatly absorbs the aroma. The third method is to inject the flavor directly in the cigar using a syringe.

Acid cigars should never be stored and kept alongside with your regular cigars. Because they are hygroscopic. This means that they absorb flavors and moisture around them. They shouldn’t even be kept with one another because this will make them absorb the flavor from other flavored cigars.

Acid cigars can be found in four main kinds:

ACID Blue Cigars

ACID Red Cigars

ACID Purple Cigars

ACID Gold Cigars

Even from the biggest fans of Acid smoking, and the greatest consumers of the following kinds of cigars their taste is impossible to describe.

The unique Acid smoking experience is like no other. Every blend and every taste are special in their own way. Acid cigar smoking is pledged as the most enjoyable experience for smokers and can be a great opening for beginners.