Abby Lee Miller: Rumors State She Is Jealous Of Maddie Ziegler, Furious With Ashlee Rumfallo!

Ashlee Rumfallo has been rallying hard to make sure that Abby Lee Miller chooses Brynn Rumfallo to lead the ALDC. She even asks Miler to spend more time training her for the future. Miller hasn’t been in the best of mental state and she doesn’t appreciate the fact that Ashlee advices her on how she should deal with her students.

Miller has been favoring Brynn against the other since she has been winning all the competitions, however, things change when she doesn’t appreciate the judges in one of the competitions. Brynn Rumfallo has still not been made a permanent member of the team. With Miller’s dislike for Ashlee and with Brynn not pleasing the judges, this doesn’t seem very likely.

Abby Lee Miller had told Ashlee that her behavior could ruin her daughter’s career. She had again stated the same on her Twitter account. It looks like it isn’t just Abby Lee Miller who seems to be having a problem with Ashlee. Kalani Hilliker’s mother Kira Girard has left the show after a huge fight with Brynn Rumfallo’s mother.

She had stated that she will not be back for Dance Moms until Ashlee leaves the show. Since Brynn Rumfallo and Ashlee were asked to be in the show only for the time Maddie Ziegler wasn’t there, they are clamoring to stay on now that Maddie Ziegler is back. Kira Girard even posted on Twitter that all the drama is to get a contract for the reality show.

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