Abby Lee Miller: Rumors State She Is Jealous Of Maddie Ziegler, Furious With Ashlee Rumfallo!

Dance Moms Season 6 will see some drama between Abby Lee Miller and her favorite student Maddie Ziegler. Ziegler has recently appeared on The Ellen Show where she performs with Sia to promote her new single Alive.

Since Maddie Ziegler is Abby Lee Miller’s favorite student it was expected that she would tune in to watch Maddie Ziegler perform on such a large platform. However, that wasn’t the reality. Abby Lee Miller said that she wasn’t feeling well and hence hadn’t watched the show, which wasn’t accepted by the mothers.

Whereas it was initially thought that Abby Lee Miller would be ecstatic to have Maddie Ziegler back in the ALDC, this doesn’t seem to be the case. She isn’t happy at all and rather seems highly disappointed with the 13 year old.

The mothers feel that Abby Lee Miller might be jealous of what the little girl has achieved. While this looks like one of the possibilities of Abby Lee Miller’s behavior. It looks like she is upset with Maddie Ziegler primarily because she seems to have lost her interest in dancing.

Maddie Ziegler had been given a huge speech by Abby Lee Miller about how she should start focusing on dance and her practice sessions now that she is back in the show. Abby Lee Miller feels that Maddie Ziegler is pushing dance to a secondary position in her life and she isn’t interested in continuing her stint in the ALDC and Dance Moms.

Abby Lee Miller feels that this isn’t the right thing to do since whatever Maddie Ziegler has achieved in her life has been because of ALDC and Dance Moms and now when she is a well-known celebrity she simply shouldn’t pack her bag and leave because she doesn’t need the platform anymore.

It was expected that when Maddie Ziegler returns for the first time on Dance Moms Season 6, she was made to perform the solo along with newcomer Brynn Rumfallo. Given Maddie’s track record it was expected that the she will win the competition, but Brynn Rumfallo took the award and this left Abby Lee Miller highly disappointed.

She had been going through a lot of stress in her personal life. Abby Lee Miller has 20 fraud cases against her since she false called for bankruptcy. The cases are being deliberated by the court and things do not look like they are headed in the right way. Abby Lee Miller is frequently losing her cool and it was thought that Maddie’s return to make her cheer up. This sadly did not happen.

In Maddie Ziegler’s absence, Abby Lee Miller was making Brynn Rumfallo take the lead. Brynn’s mother Ashlee Rumfallo had been rallying hard to make sure that Brynn Rumfallo got the chance to lead the team in the absence of Maddie Ziegler. This did look likely, even though the other mothers had created a huge raucous about it.

They felt that Abby Lee Miller shouldn’t make Brynn lead the team when there are other members who have been in ALDC for a long time and deserve the spot more than her. Abby Lee Miller hadn’t been very involved in the drama between Ashlee and the other mothers and now with Maddie Ziegler back in the show, it looks like Brynn’s fate on the team is also questionable.