A Review of the Sims 4: Get Together Expansion Pack, Developers Mess with the Ways in Which Sims React to Fire and Death, And More Details

Meanwhile, with the addition of Clubs, the way to control Sims has been changed as well. A completely new aspect has been added to The Sims 4 with this feature. With the new world, there are many different kinds of locations that the players can go through.

You can choose to simply admire the Von Haunt Estate or have fun getting lost inside a hedge maze. The Sims can further work on their Dancing and DJ-ing skills.

This will further end up being a great help in the world for the purposes of specialization in new hangout spots and venues. The new expansion pack is available for a price of $39.99 and is sold separately.

Now, while players are busy with the new expansion pack and the world of Windenburg, Clubs and much more, the developers are quite busy fiddling with many game aspects in order to make it more realistic than ever.

The developers introduced the Jealousy pass in October and presently they are tinkering with the ways in which Sims reacts to fire and death.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims 4!