The Vampire Diaries Season 7: Cast Member Huff Has a Striking Resemblance to Dobrev, Things Likely to Get Darker in the Second Half, And More Details

When CW’s The Vampire Diaries returns for the second half of its seventh season, things are going to look even darker. Fans witnessed Stefan and Damon (played by Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder), get killed. A sword was used by Julian to stab Damon and in the end; Stefan was in the hands of Nora.

Meanwhile, the souls of the Salvatore brothers are presently trapped in the Phoenix Stone. However, it has been predicted that the brothers will come out alive. It was seen in the flash forwards early from the beginning of the 7th season. A glimpse of the future of the Mystic Falls gang was also provided by the winter finale episode of Season 7.

In the flash forwards, the time element is about 3 years into the future and Stefan and Caroline can be seen in it. They are not together anymore since Valerie and Stefan are back in a relationship.

Meanwhile, during a recent interview with TV Line, showrunner Caroline Dries talked about what fans can look forward to when the show comes back again. ‘Hell is the Other People’ is the name of the upcoming episode, according to Dries. It will introduce the latest vampire hunter to come in Mystic Falls.

He will be played by Leslie-Anne Huff, “NCIS alum”. Rayna is the name of this 31-year old actress and she will take down the Salvatore Brothers, specifically Stefan. The next episodes of this show will focus on the Vampire Huntress along with her motive for the younger Salvatore.

Rayna’s character was spotted during the last few minutes of the pilot episode of Season 7. In the flash forward, a very frightened Stefan is seen waking up Damon, from a deep slumber. He is still in the coffin while Stefan informs that a Vampire Hunter is after them. Fans are already talking about the vicious nature of the character.

Meanwhile, it has been discussed that Huff is a dead ringer for Nina Dobrev, the show’s former lead star. It has been speculated by fans that Huff was cast by the producers due to her resemblance with Dobrev. Moreover, in some way she can be related to Elena, Nina’s character.

The show was left by Dobrev last season after she declared that Elena’s journey was envisioned by her to be a 6-year run only. On top of that, the 26 year old actress wanted to focus on other parts of her acting career while also stressing on her upcoming film roles.

The rumors were further clarified by Drier and according to Christian Post; she said that Huff’s resemblance to Dobrev is merely a coincidence. Drier further revealed that she hasn’t met Huff in person. However, she is perfect for the role and at the same time, a great actress.

This is why they have cast her as Rayna. Meanwhile, The Vampire Diaries will begin with a totally different theme when it comes back with the second half of season 7. In the second half of Season 7, the show will have a certain theme/tone that fans would never expect to see.

She further revealed that story-wise and emotionally, the show will be dealing with the fallout from the winter finale for a certain amount of time. She shared the fact that when the 10th episode of this season premiers, it will take place 3 months after the events shown in the last episode.